Monday, April 21, 2008

Why I hate UMNO?

I've grown up in one of the state, in east coast Malaysia..
From my childhood until graduated from one of the university in UK, I've been taught by my family that UMNO is the best.. is it?

During my A-level, I'm always thinking that only UMNO can look after the Malays..
sometime, arguing with my college that supporting PAS.. Always telling him that the UMNO that make him as it is today, even sponsoring him to be at the college at that time.

In 1995, I was in UK and qualified to vote in 1995 General Election. Guess what?.. My family registering my name using my I.C. that was left by me at kampung.. I don't know about this, until I came back from my study in 1997 and 1999 General Election come into my knowledge that my name is already in the list of registered voters.

In 1997, after DSAI was sacked from the cabinet of UMNO, I've started thinking whether I'm in the right camp.. although I'm not registered with UMNO at that time. I've protest Dr. Mahathir decision in sacking DSAI as he only accused DSAI as the unmoral man.. Because I'm a Muslim, I will only believe Mahathir's accusation if and only if he can bring at least 3 good mens to support his accusation, but he didn't..

My believe in UMNO start to fade, and come 1999 General Election, I gave my vote to opposition, and the result gave PAS to lead the state for the very first time in history. I'm so glad to be one of the contributor for realising the opposition to rule the state. But, guess what?...
After a few month, during my return to kampung for a holidays, my mum asking me why I did vote for a opposition?..I was shocked to hear this, how come she knows?.. Maybe some of you can answer.. I know the answer, but I leave it to the readers to answer this..

So, the new chapter started... I really know how UMNO works... and this really made me knows which is a diamond or glass....

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