Thursday, January 22, 2009

BN, the damage was there now!

When Abdullah Badawi announce that the oil price to be increased in 2008, the other commodity and household item price also start to increased. But now, when the oil price is back to normal, the household item and food is still maintain the high price tag. When the global oil price was high, Tok Uban (Shahril Samad) said that the government cannot afford to subsidised the oil but when the oil price was low, they said that Petronas income will become less and government cannot lower the price anymore. Why there are two misleading answer with regards to oil price given by him? There is nothing I can say than that the government is greedy, not protecting the people but to protect their cronies interest....

and now, the sugar price is going to be increased after this Chinese new year... they gave global price increased as a reason for the action.... Will you believe them now? never and ever....

The damage is there now, but they kept playing a "wayang kulit"... that's why they lost in P036 Kuala Terengganu by election...... People already know their tricks now...

Wednesday January 21, 2009 - The Star
Sugar may cost more after CNY

BUTTERWORTH: The price of sugar may go up after Chinese New Year, said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad.

He said the increase would be effected in stages in intervals of between three and four months each time.

Shahrir said that although the cost of importing sugar had increased over the years, the price had not changed locally.

“We import about 80% of sugar for domestic use from Fiji and Thailand. Our price is still among the lowest in Asia,” he told reporters after launching a “take less sugar” campaign organised by the Consumers Association of Penang at Carrefour Seberang Jaya here.
Catchy tale: Shahrir (right) chatting with fishmongers (from left) Cheng Ming Lieang and Chong Kang Siang at Pasar Besar Alor Setar yesterday.

He said Malaysia was in eighth position on the list of highest sugar users in the world, adding that the trend was worrying.

In Alor Setar, Shahrir urged the Fisheries Development Authority to investigate the low supply of fish in the market.

He said what puzzled him was that the ministry had provided fishermen with various incentives, including subsidised diesel.

“The fisheries authorities must investigate and find ways to improve fish supply in the country. We could import more fish but what is the point of giving incentives if our local fish supply is not improving,” he told newsmen after conducting a Chinese New Year price check at Pasar Besar Alor Setar.

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