Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flip-Flop decision, but nobody take the responsibility

It is now something normal when the Government retract certain approved policy, which is in actual situation was considered abnormal. This flip-flop decision was surface due to the cabinet minister which are sick as they were infected by the"YES syndrome". They don't really care what the people want, but they do care what the minister want.

If in Japan or other developed country, the minister which is reponsible for the decision will voluntarily step down, but in Malaysia, they kept pretending such as nothing was happened. They don't even feel guilty on the such problem. This is one of the denial syndrome in which they think that they are still immune and feel that the people will still vote for them no matter what the decision that they've made.

Last few week, Syed Hamid Albar retract the decision in gazetting the use of Allah name in christian publication and then the government retract the toll increase decision. Later this week, the government retract the fish container ruling. How can such a big decision that affecting the people can be agreed at the cabinet level and then rescinded as the people react on the decision. Do they ever think the people at the first place? I don't think so....

The same thing happen to the PPSMI issue. Frankly speaking, most of the parent glad to see their children have a good command in English, of course most of them agreed with the teaching of Science and Math in English but, is this the correct way in addressing the weakness? by sacrificing our language for the sake of foreign language? Is the Malay language is that weak and unable to be used for technical subject? Are we going to use Malay language only for the sake of Malay is the national language for Malaysia? Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka should take the blame, for the last few years, nothing has been done in striving our national language as their chairman is now been elected from the person who is supporting UMNO. Why do we need to talk in English when we want to be interviewed for work? Who made this ruling at the first place? This is happened because our people himself who started the trend and because of nobody at the top do care about the use of our national language. Look at China, Korea, Japan and even Indonesia, they use their own language for all kind of situation. If we don't uplift our national language especially the Malay, who else will do it? For me, my idea in order to solve the issue is to strenghten the English subject itself, maybe they can introduce one new subject such as English for communication and not to disturb the teaching which is originally teach in national language. It's a very sad thing happened...sigh.... Malaysia Boleh!

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