Monday, June 15, 2009

Oil price: Is 30 Sen subsidy still in place?

I'm not in a position to support the Government to increase the Petrol price although the crude oil price is now reaching USD70 per barrel. What I really concern is the promise made by our Government that they will maintain the subsidy at 30 sen no matter what the oil price is. If we want to take into account that 30 sen subsidy was in place during the crude price is hovering around USD50 per barrel and the petrol price is maintaining at RM1.80 per litre.

With the crude price reaching USD70 per barrel (5 - 15 June 2009), is the 30 sen subsidy is still valid? I don't think so... the subsidy is now I think reaching almost 50 to 60 sen per litre. So, where are the promised? Looks like they are still cheating people and their promise made only to suit the situation.... Believe me.... 

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