Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kg Buah Pala issue: Why they are so demanding?

The Kg Buah Pala issue in Penang will not settle just like that because the case is quite complicated because this is also involve a racial issue. When Khir Toyo demolish Kg Beremban, Ampang settlement in 2006 if I not mistaken, there is no big deal because they are Malays. I said that no big deal means that BN don't care what really happen to them although PR had already made a protest.

In Kg Buah Pala, since they are all Indians, MIC will play their part and the people at Kg Buah Pala know this is their best time to demand everything. Is it a terrace house does not enough? Do you want a bungalow or what? If the reason is their family is big, so they should looking for a solution on their own. I'm not in a position to create racial tension over here, but I'm looking at a positive manner by comparing the case to any previous cases that happen before.


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