Monday, June 9, 2008

TNB's new tariff hike - due to bad management or fuel increase?

If we put certain thing which is not in their area of expertise, they will fail terribly and bad management will contribute the figure to become worst.
This is what happen to MAS last time..
The reason by TNB is simple, we cannot sustain our old price due to the fuel price increase. Everybody can use this reason just to cover or "cover up" their operating cost. Is the hike is really due to the increase of fuel and other materials? or is it due to their bad management or bad cash flow? emm.... there's something fishy outside there.. Maybe Agent Scully can investigate this. One of the hidden reason is due to their agreement with IPP (Independent Power Producer e.g. Malakoff, YTL and others). The agreement is very stupid as same as Toll concession agreement.. You know what?..
TNB need to purchase the power from them at maximum capacity no matter what their consumption is. As Toll agreement also as stupid as this, where the Toll rate will be increase in every 4 years no matter what the number of users using the road.
One thing just to prove this lie to all people of Malaysia, SESCO which is the company that operates the electricity company in Sarawak without receiving any subsidy from the government, is able to maintain their tariff. Their tariff is quite competitive, but what I'm trying to say here is although SESCO do not receive any subsidy from the government whilst TNB still is, their rate, I can say is still cheaper than TNB. They only charge a little bit for the first 100 unit. Please compare this figure out:-

RATE PER UNIT (SESCO as at 1 April 2007)

For the first 100 units per month 34 sen

For the next 300 units per month 29 sen

For each additional unit per month 33 sen

Minimum monthly charge RM 5.00

RATE PER UNIT (TNB as at 1 July 2008)

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