Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Touch n Go card - Must renew for RM10

PLUS highway, not enough with millions profit from toll collection, and now they are seeking RM10 for card renewal for every 10 years. Imagine, how much easy money can they get, millions man...? They have learn very well from their boss Barisan Nasional, which is, suck and suck as you can... The card, which is in electronic term called as a smart card should not taken back by PLUS after 10 years, if RM10 to be imposed for a new card. The card, should be able to be used until unusable and at that time, if they asking for RM10, this can be considered. The reason as PLUS said is all the electronic gadget has a lifespan of 10 years.. Yes, it is true for most of the time, but do they change the Touch n Go reader for every 10 years as well? How about their electronic signboard, emergency phone and etc, do they practised to renew such thing for every 10 years? One more thing, how about the old card that we return to them, are they dispose it or laminate it with a new plastic to be used as a new card? Kalau dah penyangak tu memang takleh buat ape lah... mereka dan keturunan mereka.. Let curse on them.....

Saturday August 23, 2008 - The Star

New Touch ’n Go needed as 48,000 cards expiring this year


PETALING JAYA: About 48,000 Touch ’n Go cards will be expiring this year, with about 4,000 customers replacing their expired cards every month since January.

The cards, purchased in 1997 (when the service was officially launched), had reached their 10-year lifespan, said Touch ’n Go Customer Service Department head Azmi Jafar.

He said to renew the card, customers would need to purchase a new card at a cost of RM10, which would be taken from the RM15 deposit of the expired card.

Asked why customers were charged for the card renewal, when they were not initially informed of the card expiring, he replied:

“The new card will be able to last for another 10 years, which works out to RM1 a year only.

“The balance of RM5 from the deposit will be credited into the new card as a reload value,” he said, adding that the credit balance of the expired card would be transferred to the new card as well.

Azmi said the cards have a 10-year expiry period as “all electronic products are subject to wear and tear.”

“Touch ’n Go is no exception. The electronic chip in the card, which carries the functions such as

memory storage, radio transmitter and receiver, has a 10-year life-span.

“The chip will lose its efficiency once it reaches the end of its lifespan,” he told The Star.

Card users can only renew their cards at Touch ’n Go offices in Faber Towers, KL Sentral (both in Kuala Lumpur), Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd, PLUS, Elite Highway and Second Link.

“Right now, customers can check when their card expires at our website. We are negotiating with vendors to extend our service of renewing their cards online.

“That system should be out sometime next year,” he said.

He said that should customers decide not to purchase a new Touch ’n Go card, they can return the expired card, and the deposit and balance would be refunded via cheque within 30 working days.

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Anonymous said...

It's time for a change! I think so does the touch 'n go card every ten years! hehehe!
Just wanna point out something. Touch 'n go is not owned or operated by plus lah. I think it's owned and operated by another company.. Touch 'n Go sdn Bhd or something ( I read it somewhere).
The RM10 for renewal is also not new because we also got charged for ATM cards, credit cards change etc..