Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mercedes E200K vs Proton Perdana V6

Whether is it really worth it to purchase a new car or to maintain the existing car, they don't care!! Do they think that they're using their own pocket money? The Terengganu government don't care about using a million ringgit pretending to purchase a brand new car while the Federal Government don't care how much the cost of pretending maintaining V6 as far as the car is Malaysian made car.....
Dato Ahmad Said claiming that the cost of maintaining the Proton V6 in 4 years(2004 - 2008) reaching RM235,123.08 for one of the car. He justifying this in purchasing the new mercedes. Proton retaliate that the Terengganu state government until so far didn't claim any warranty for the car as they said the gearbox of the latter is always faulty. So, which one is the truth? Either the previous state government officer play a hidden game or the new state government officer try to find a cause in order to get a mercedes in their home porch.. Both are wrong I think, also the Federal itself.. What yours?

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